Notify Your Neighbours Of Your Party

If you are planning a party at home inform your neighbours. Let them know what you plan in terms of size, hours, music, etc. Tell them that they can contact you if they have problems with your party. Then, have the designated party monitor talk with any neighbour who calls or comes over, and make definite, permanent changes to fix the problem. Also, keep in mind that the neighbours don’t have to put up with the disruption just because you told them you were having a party. 

If you let your neighbours know exactly what time you plan to finish then they are more likely to put up with noise until then. If you don't let them know they may assume you are planning to go all night and call the police early ending your party quicker then you want. Be aware that noise restrictions start after 11.30pm so you need to turn the music off or at least down after this time.

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